Function getDeviceInfo


#include <RtAudio.h>

RtAudio::DeviceInfo getDeviceInfo(unsigned int device)


Return an RtAudio::DeviceInfo structure for a specified device number.

Any device integer between 0 and getDeviceCount() - 1 is valid. If an invalid argument is provided, an RtAudioError (type = INVALID_USE) will be thrown. If a device is busy or otherwise unavailable, the structure member "probed" will have a value of "false" and all other members are undefined. If the specified device is the current default input or output device, the corresponding "isDefault" member will have a value of "true".


Lines 854-854 in RtAudio.h. Line 457 in RtAudio.h.

inline RtAudio::DeviceInfo RtAudio :: getDeviceInfo( unsigned int device ) { return rtapi_->getDeviceInfo( device ); }

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