Struct DeviceInfo


#include <RtAudio.h>

struct DeviceInfo


The public device information structure for returning queried values.

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  • Advanced Tutorial / Probe


Lines 299-310 in RtAudio.h.

struct DeviceInfo {
  bool probed;                  /*!< true if the device capabilities were successfully probed. */
  std::string name;             /*!< Character string device identifier. */
  unsigned int outputChannels{};  /*!< Maximum output channels supported by device. */
  unsigned int inputChannels{};   /*!< Maximum input channels supported by device. */
  unsigned int duplexChannels{};  /*!< Maximum simultaneous input/output channels supported by device. */
  bool isDefaultOutput{false};         /*!< true if this is the default output device. */
  bool isDefaultInput{false};          /*!< true if this is the default input device. */
  std::vector<unsigned int> sampleRates; /*!< Supported sample rates (queried from list of standard rates). */
  unsigned int preferredSampleRate{}; /*!< Preferred sample rate, e.g. for WASAPI the system sample rate. */
  RtAudioFormat nativeFormats{};  /*!< Bit mask of supported data formats. */

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